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Looking for Microsoft Office 2010 Key?

If you are searching for Microsoft Office 2010 key, then you come to the right place!!

This page will save you few hundred bucks to buy Office 2010 program. Yes, I will show you how to download and activate your copy of Office 2010 at absolutely no cost here!

But first of all, what is Microsoft Office 2010 key?

It’s a set of unique 25-character alpha-numeric code that we need it when we install and activate Office 2010. You also need the product key/serial number when you want to reinstall or repairs your Office programs.

The main purpose of the key is to verify that your software is legitimate. So, it is important to keep your Product Keys in a safe place in case when you need it in the future.

Most of the time, you only can get the Microsoft Office 2010 key when you purchase an original copy of Office 2010 but there is an exceptional case.

The following image are the typical  Microsoft Office 2010 key that you will see when you purchase a copy of Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 key

Microsoft Office 2010 Key and Activation Info

The valid Microsoft Office 2010 key is needed if you want to activate your copy of Office 2010. Then, what is the Office 2010 activation?

Product activation is verification with the manufacturer to confirm that software is genuine and that its product key (serial number) is not compromised. Activation establishes a relationship between the software’s product key and a particular installation of that software on a device.

Microsoft includes product activation technologies in the Office 2010 through the Volume Licensing channel.

Activation types include retail, volume, and OEM, and most require interactive steps by the user or IT professional, such as entering a product key from the packaging, or contacting a networked server or telephone service center. Activation technologies and tools vary according to the different channels for the software — retail, volume, and OEM.

The Microsoft policy requires the activation of all editions of Office 2010. This includes those obtained through a Volume Licensing program. This requirement applies to Office 2010 running on both physical computers and virtual machines.

You can use the following methods to activate Office 2010 with Office Activation Technologies:

¨       Key Management Service (KMS). KMS uses a KMS host key to activate a KMS host computer and establish a local activation service in your environment. Office 2010 connects to the local KMS host for activation.

¨       Multiple Activation Key (MAK). With a MAK, clients activate Office 2010 online with the Microsoft hosted activation servers or by telephone

¨       A combination of KMS and MAK.

However, there is an alternative for this. You can download Office 2010 and the Microsoft Office 2010 key then activate it by following the steps below.


Guide to Download Microsoft Office 2010 Key and Activation Steps

This section will guide you on where to download Office 2010 program and serial key, as well as installing and activating Office 2010.

I assume you do not purchase a copy of Office 2010 and do not use the trial version. Here are the information on Office 2010 trial as well as how to activate it.

But if you already trial the Office 2010 (is in your computer now) and do not follow the step above, you still have another two choices:

1)       Purchase a copy of Office 2010 program when the trial periods end.

2)       Use Office 2010 Trial Extender to extend the trial periods and later you activate it.

Now here is the secret way and the steps to get the Office 2010 working for free. This works on any version of Office 2010 that you had downloaded.

¨       Download Office 2010 program for free.

¨       Download Microsoft Office 2010 key.

¨       Step-by-step guide to install Office 2010.

¨       Guide to activate Office 2010 successfully.

I hope that this tutorial article can really help you download and activate the program using the Microsoft Office 2010 key provided and the available step-by-step instructions.

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